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Now the Fun Must End

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Title: Now the Fun Must End
Author: Rednetra
Permission to archive:
Sure why not Genre: Slash
Pairing/Characters: Tony/Gibbs, Tim/Ziva/Abby
Rating: NC-17 just to be safe
Notes: OK please have read No More Sick Days as well as And Jenny
Makes and Till Death Do us part.
Acknowledgments: To BC, Matt and G for all there help and kind words and G for writing such great Smut yet again. I hope you all like how i ended the Jenny Saga.


It was a lovely spring day. It was end of May, and school was out. It was a Wednesday. The house that used to sit on this property was long gone, and now there sat three buildings and a basketball court that was equipped for night play, each one much larger than the next, the house being the largest. It now had five bedrooms, all but the master one the size of the old master bedroom. The bedroom in the attic didn't count among the bedrooms in the house.

They had finished the basement, and when their son grew up they were giving that to him for his room. In the center of the house there was now an elevator for the one person in the house to get to all four floors.

The house was open with not a lot of walls and very wheelchair accessible. Now in the living room was a fireplace that was shared with the dining room. Over the fireplace in the living room hung a framed piece of drywall from the spot where the young girl had painted with her art desk that her older father had made for her. Also the wall between the dining room and living room was not really a wall but a large fish tank, large enough for someone to go scuba diving in, and when the company that took care of it needed to clean it, that was how they did clean it.

The furniture was all new, well, more new than when the owners, lover and children moved in. They had gotten a new sofa and loveseat when the family moved into the rehab clinic. The dining room set was still the same but now refinished. It was old and an antique and none of the occupants wanted that to change. Off the dining room was a study with a desk and a bunch of books ranging in topics. In the study there was another entrance from the hall. The kitchen now had counters at all different levels and was open and very wheelchair accessible. Both of the heads of household now did the sharing of the cooking.

There was also a bedroom on the main floor now, as well as a full bath off the room and in the hall. The basement no longer held a boat in it. There was a pool table, as well as a Plasma TV and every kind of game system and the old sofa was now down there. There was a separate room down there, that is where they planned on putting the bed when there son got older. This room was now where they sat and watched TV and not in the living room. That was for entertaining.

The second floor had the four other rooms. There was one bathroom besides the Master bathroom. Every room was large enough for a wheelchair to maneuver around without a problem. The bathroom didn't have a roll-in shower but the sink was wheelchair accessible. Two of the rooms were guest rooms and had no real décor, just standard bedding and such. Each room was a different color, though. The other room was painted blue and had rocket ships all over the place for the youngest member of the family. The bed was in the shape of a rocket ship and it was the same theme in the whole room. It was filled with a TV, a DVD player, as well as toys galore. The elevator emptied into the hall.

The master bedroom was the whole one side of the upstairs. The bed was still the same but a new mattress had been gotten after the family got out of the six month stay in rehab. The dressers and other furniture were the same as when they went in but just arranged differently and switched around, the tall one was the younger man's and the shorter and longer one with the mirror was the older man's. The bathroom in this room had a roll-in shower lined with water jets to spray in all directions. The bathtub was a Jacuzzi and was easily gotten into by the man in the wheelchair. The sink was able to fit the chair under it so the man would groom himself. There were his and his vanities, one for the wheelchair and the other for the other man. In the room there were two walk-in closets, one for each man, the younger man's much fuller than the older man's but in the older man's still hung the Marine Dress Blues and the khaki-colored uniform with the Gunny's stripes on it. The man in the wheelchair had now regained feeling of things below the waist but no movement.

The attic was slightly different from the original room the young girl, now all of fifteen years in age, had before the terrible accident. It was still pink and had an outer room as well as an inner room for her sleeping. She had large bookshelves, now filled with books from school as well as just for pleasure. On the walls were many trophies from the young girl's karate tournaments, as well as a few swimming trophies.

There were paved and heated walkways to each of the outer buildings, as well as the driveway being heated as well. The one larger, longer building now housed an Olympic-sized pool with a zero entry entrance, as well as a zero entrance Jacuzzi. It also had a smaller pool with a lift entrance that housed the underwater bike and treadmill. Off to a different room was the weight room and the exercise equipment, some just for the man in the wheelchair and the rest for anyone who wanted to work out with them. The roof of the building could be moved and it would open to the sky and in the summer they would open the roof and tan in the water. Also the one wall was all glass and would fold open to the patio. On the patio was a gas grill that was wheelchair accessible, as well as a cooking area and a small fridge and cook top range. There were a few different kinds of patio chairs as well as tables out there. It overlooked the small amount of land that was still left open that had been turned into a garden. It was a vegetable garden.

The other building was for all intents and purposes a barn. It didn't house farm equipment, but it did house the wood frame of a boat that now everyone knew would never be finished but never was meant to be finished; it was now more for therapy. The homeowner had the land and landscaping managed by an outside company. It was just easier for them to not worry about mowing and pruning and such.

The younger man that lived in the house, his father had passed away while the family was in rehab. He inherited another twenty million from that. The family didn't need the money, so most of it was donated to various charities. They built their co-workers and good friends a new house to hold their large and still growing family. Also with that money they would take them and their extended family to Disney and stay for a week in November. They were also paying for the wedding in a few weeks on the property. As well as they set up trust funds for all of the McGee children, as well as little Tommy Morrow. They were going to do Disney but since both men went back to work and so much had changed there, they couldn't get away. It was just legalized in the state of Virginia to have two men marry. Also papers had been drawn up that the younger man was taking the older man's last name and all that went with that. The whole family would soon be all Gibbs.


"Yes," the man said aloud.

A lady walked into the office of the director of NCIS, the new Director who had only been on the job for five months.

"Sir, the caterers called and said they need you to finalize the menu. Your FBI friend called again, but you were in MTAC."

"Which one, Martha?"

"Agent Fitzgerald."

"What did Martin want?"

"To let you know that he and his guest are coming to the wedding."

"Good. Anything else?" He was looking into the middle-aged woman's face, seeing there was more but she didn't want to say.

"Just don't shoot the messenger."


"Just remember, I only bring the news."

"Out with it."

The women winced as she said, "Security called."

"I'll kill him," the new director said as he got up out of his chair and stormed past the lady, out of his office and down the steps. He saw the team, his old team, with one new addition, coming off the elevator and settling into their desks.


"He looks pissed, Boss."

"Yup. I'm in deep shit this time."

"What the hell were you thinking?"

Tim was shocked at Tony DiNozzo, the youngest Director of any government agency, yelling at him now.

"Um, Tony." Getting a glare from Tony now for not using the right address, he said, "Um, Director."

Tony didn't get off on the power trip, well, maybe a little, but while in public even his husband, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, would call him Director DiNozzo, but not for long, soon it would be Director Gibbs.

"Mr. Director."

Tony's head spun and he was now glaring at his husband. Where Gibbs had the reputation of a bastard, Tony had the rep in only five months as poisoned honey.

"You I will deal with in a moment." He was pointing at his lover of now five years. Turning back to Tim, he said, "You are the senior agent. You know that this man is not to go out in the field unless cleared by me and having three times the agents than normal. What the hell do you have to say for yourself?"

"Nothing. We had a lead, and we went with it."

"Damn it, Tim, you know better, know what might have happened." Tony could hear the sleek wheelchair coming up behind him. A hand took his wrist and was pulling him to the elevator. Tony shook off the hand; he didn't need to go to Gibbs' office.

"And you." Tony turned and was now glaring at Ziva, now an American citizen and no longer with Massod. "You let him do this. You of all people."

"Look, Director, we had to move on the lead or the guy might have left."

"And you took him why?" Tony was pointing at his lover, his soon to be legal husband.

"He asked." She was trying to make light of the fact they had lost judgment.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, shot on Halloween of 2006, had lost the use of his legs. The family had spent about six months in a rehab facility, and he had only regained the tactile feeling just when he was leaving rehab. He went back to work on light duty and was riding a desk for a while and became the training officer for NCIS and just recently took over his old team. Gibbs had no real movement of his legs, and when he did go out into the field it had to be approved by the Director, be it his husband or before that his good friend, Tom Morrow.

Gibbs took his wrist again. This time Tony gave in and followed. He was almost pushing Gibbs. That was one thing, even in the three trips they'd been on to Disney, he didn't want unless he asked for, and all his friends respected that wish. Halfway there Tony stopped.

"No, not this time." He stormed back to Tim and the rest of the team. "Effective immediately you're all on two days suspension."

One thing the team said when Tony got the Director's position was that work was work and home was home and they both should not mix.

"Yes, Sir," was Tim's and Ziva's response, knowing full well they'd fucked up.

The new guy, almost in tears from this, just looked into Tony's hazel eyes.

"Sorry, Sir, but but I quit." And he handed Tony his gun and badge and walked out of the building. This was the fourth agent on the team that between him and Gibbs they'd pushed out. Tony nodded and walked back up to his office.

"He's right, Gibbs."

"I know, but still he could have done it differently."

"No, he has every right to yell at us like that in front of the office. One, it shows that he is not coddling us, and two, we fucked up in a big way. We should have gotten it approved through him with taking you out in the field."

Gibbs wheeled himself back to his desk and started typing the last of his report to submit to Tony.

"You coming, Boss?"

"Yeah, in a moment, just finishing this up."

"Yeah, right, then going to kiss a little ass." Ziva smiled as she and her husband walked down to the NCIS Daycare.

One of the first things Tony had implemented was a day care facility on property. He'd moved a few offices around the program and it seemed to be working out great. Ziva had given birth to two boys and Abby had given birth to two girls. Abby had one born on December 24th and the other on December 25th. Ziva didn't give birth till the middle of January and almost died in childbirth. The names of the babies were Caitlyn Todd and Samantha Belle McGee, and Matthew Daniel and Joshua David McGee. The one problem or not was that Samantha was deaf.

Gibbs finished up the paperwork, printed it out and took the folder up to the Director's office.


"That was just wrong, Gibbs."

"Not you, too?"

"Yes, me, too." She hit the intercom to the Director's office. "He's here."

"Send him in."

Gibbs could hear the anger in the voice and opened the door and wheeled himself in.

The Director's office was larger than most offices. On one wall was a large Plasma TV for conference calls and reviewing cases. There were two black leather sofas from the former director and a few end tables. On the one table was a family photo of their last trip to Disney. On Tony's desk was a clay race car that Jenny had made for him on their first Christmas as well as a picture frame that she also made with a newer picture of the family. He also had, behind his desk, three other photos, one of each of them.

"What?" was all Tony said, looking up.

"Nothing, I just thought you would want the report on the case."

"Damn it, Lee."

"Tony, look-"

"No, YOU look. I give you and your team a wide birth, not because of who you are but because that's the best way for your team to work, and you're the best team I have in the whole of NCIS, but damn it, you know the shit storm you have created now. When you came back and when I took the position, the shit I had to hear from the SecNav about you going into the field. He was the one who put the restrictions on you, not Morrow and not me." Tony got up walked around the desk and now leaning on the other side from where he was sitting, still looking at Gibbs, who had moved over to the picture frame of the family and was looking at it.

"This was a fun trip."

"Don't even try to divert the conversation."

"Look, Tony." Gibbs put the picture down and wheeled over to be in front of Tony. "I'm sorry, but we had a tip on the lead we had and had to move on it then or we might have lost the dealer."

"I know that, Lee, but still, it's not like getting you in and out of the car is quiet."

"Like bringing twelve agents with me would be?"

"Damn it, that's not the point. The point is you do not go in the field without the okay."

"Yes, sir." Gibbs wasn't being a smart ass. He knew Tony was right.

"Lee." Tony sat in the chair next to where he was.

"I know, honey, and I'm sorry."

The phone rang.

"I don't want to be disturbed."

"I figured as much, sir, unless it's family, and, well, Jenny is on the phone."

"Thanks." Tony hit the speaker phone. "Yes, Peanut."

"Dad, he's in my stuff again."

"What? Slow down. Who?"

"Matt! He's playing in my room again and he won't leave."

"Play with me, Sissy," Tony could hear in the background.

"Your son is acting up again."

"MY son? Thought he was OUR son."

"Nope, only when he's being good."

Tony smiled.

"Is that Daddy?"

"Yes, Honey."

"What the heck were you thinking about? Dad told me you went out."

"Jenny, can we not do this right now? I'm about to leave work and we can talk when I get home. How about we go swimming?"

"Okay, Daddy," she said but Gibbs knew this was not finished.

"Put Matt on the phone."

They could hear Jenny handing the phone to Matt.


"Matty, you have to stay out of your sister's stuff."

"But she's not playing with me. She's talking on the puter."

"I know, honey, but it isn't nice to play with her stuff without asking. Would you like her to come into your room and just play with your stuff?"


Tony cracked a smile, knowing the answer when Gibbs asked the question.

"Okay, big guy, I'm coming home in a few minutes, and if you're not behaving, then time out. Let me talk to Jenny again."

"Okay, Daddy. Sissy, Daddy wants you."

"Yes, Daddy."

"I'm leaving now. Do we need anything?"


"Okay, Sunshine, love you both."

"Love you, Daddy. Love you, too, Dad," she said before hanging up with an audible click.

"Lee, please, next time-"

"I will, honey." Gibbs kissed his husband, short and sweet, then the phone rang again.


"You're needed in MTAC."

"Thanks, Martha."

"Well, I'll see you at home. Remember, don't be late. Jenny has her friends coming over."

"Oh, I remembered."

"Tony, you promised."

"Not planning on anything, Baby." A wicked smile crossed his face.

"Yeah, right. Come on, this one seems nice from everything she has said."

"I know, Lee, but she's still our daughter, and, well..."

"I know, honey. See you at home. Don't stay too late." Gibbs wheeled himself out.

Tony followed and turned into MTAC and for the next hour and a half he got his ass chewed out for Gibbs' little stunt by the SecNav.


Gibbs drove himself home in the handicapped customized van that they'd had built for him when they first went into rehab. He was the only one who drove it except on occasion he would take Jenny out to teach her how to drive. They still had his M Class Mercedes but it was more being saved for Jenny when she was able to drive in a year or so. Gibbs pulled into the driveway and pulled up to his house. He disembarked out of the van and moved up the ramp to the house. He was greeted at the door by a barking dog.

"Hey there, Tramp," Gibbs said to the dog, who after greeting his one master went about the household.

"Daddy, Daddy!" A little boy came running down the stairs.

"Don't run!" came from a young lady yelling after him.

The little boy was naked as the day he was born, and Gibbs just had to smile. Matt hated wearing his clothing. Jenny soon followed him, and Matt stopped at the chair. He knew the Big Rule: we do not jump on Daddy's chair. Gibbs picked him up and set him on his lap and rolled further into the house.

"Love you, Daddy."

"Love you, too, Matty. So what did he do this time?"

"Well, he was about to get in the bath when he heard the van pull up and got away from me."

"Matty, is that true?"

"Yes, sir." Matt was looking all innocent at his father.

"And what's this about going through Jenny's things again?"

"I was bored, Daddy. She was on the puter all day."

Gibbs looked up at his daughter, who was trying to now play innocent. She should have been watching her brother.

"I was talking to Seth, planning out tonight. He should be here soon. Is Dad on his way? Oh, why'd you do it, Daddy?"

"Do what?" He rolled past her to the bottom of the stairs. "Go upstairs and get in the tub. I'll be right up and we can play battleship, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy." The little boy kissed his father and ran up the stairs.

"I have no clue what you're talking about." He rolled over to the elevator, the girl following her father inside and going up to the second floor.

"Why did you go out in the field, Daddy? You know the rules."

"Not you, too. Your Dad just chewed me out and suspended me and my team for the next two days," he said as the door opened.

"Good. Then can I have Seth over and go swimming tomorrow?" Jenny wasn't allowed to have friend's over, except for Stephanie, without one of the men there.

"Well, let's see how tonight goes. Did you tell him what I told you to tell him?"

"Yes. I warned him about you and Dad." Jenny stood at the doorframe to the bathroom and Gibbs was playing with his son in the tub.


"He said it was cool and he understands and that he won't back down. He also said he plans on being a cop, so he hopes that might help."

"Jenny, I know this seems overprotective."

"No, Daddy, that was the first boy I went out with. You had all the guns out and were cleaning them and had Uncle Tim-"

"Is Uncly Tim and Aunty Abby and Iva coming over tonight?"

"No, Matty. Jenny has her friend coming over for dinner."


"Well, she wants us to meet him."

"He is a, what'd you call the last one? An ork."

"Dork, and I don't know." Gibbs was looking innocent this time.

"Daddy, you sacred him to death."

"Okay, just remember, honey, we love you and just want you safe. I promised that we won't track you with your cell phone, but cut us a little slack for wanting to meet the boy. What does he drive, anyway?"

"Not sure, I've never seen his car. But I don't think it's that good of a car. He's always talking about needing some kind of this or that. Well, I want to do my hair and dinner is ready, just have to cook the pasta"

"Okay, when I get done here I'll go down and do that."

Jenny went back up to her room as Gibbs played for a few more minutes till he made Matt scrub his body and then helped his son out of the tub and dried off and into his PJs. After he got Matt ready for bed he let him go and watch a movie in the basement. Gibbs started the water when he heard the dog run to the front door and he rolled out to see who was here, not that he did not know. In walked his husband.

"You." Tony pointed at Gibbs and walking closer he bent over and they kissed each other, just a peck. "I just spent the past hour and a half getting my ass chewed out by the SecNav as well as the attorney general about you getting hurt while in the field. Never again, got me?" Tony held Gibbs' chin, locking hazel eyes with ice blue eyes till he heard the little feet coming up from the basement.

"Dad, Dad!" Matt ran into his other father's arms.

"How's my little soldier today?"

"I just had a bath."

"I missed it?"

"Yup. Daddy played battleship with me."

Gibbs rolled back into the kitchen and was draining the pasta out of the water when Tony heard his daughter say something in Italian.

"Jennifer Lisa get your-" Tony stopped at the word "-down here right this minute!"

Jenny knew she was caught for cussing. She spoke now Italian, Russian, ASL, Spanish, Hebrew and a little Arabic and with Tony not home she thought she could get away with saying fuck in Italian and to have Gibbs not know what it meant.

"Yes, Dad?" Jenny came down with rollers in her hair.

Matt started laughing and pointing.

"Matty that's not nice, stop laughing at your sister." Tony himself was cracking a smile. "Jennifer Lisa, what did you just say?"


"You're right, nothing. I had best not be hearing that kind of language out of your mouth."

The door bell rang.

"Shit," Jenny said and ran up the stairs.

"Jennifer," Tony mildly said, knowing her date was here. Tony, still holding Matt, walked and opened the door. "Hello."

"Mr.-" The boy stopped, not knowing what to call him since Jenny told him that her dads were gay he never got a last name for them.

"Mr. DiNozzo." Tony smiled, liking making the boy a little on edge.

The moment that Tony said the name a hand went out. "Mr. DiNozzo but Jenny said not for long."

"Yes, and you must be Seth."

"Yes, sir."

Tony saw the POS car in the driveway. He could tell the fact that the boy felt a little weirded out parking next to two Mercedes and the van and walking into a multimillion dollar house.

"Please, come in, we are about to sit for dinner. Jenny said you will be joining us."

"Yes, she invited me. If it's not okay I can come back."

"No, it's fine. Matt, go wash your hands and face."

"I just took a bath."

"Yes, you just took a bath but go wash them anyway, young man."

Matt went off pouting.

The older man came out in the wheelchair. Seth didn't even look at the chair and this scored points in both their books; he was only looking at the man in the chair.

"Mr. Gibbs."

"What, the chair give it away?" Gibbs cracked a smile and shook the petrified boy's hand.

"Relax, Seth, we don't bite. We're eating in the kitchen."

"Sir, where is the bathroom so I can wash up for dinner?"

"Down the hall and on the left."

"Thank you, sir." Seth walked away smiling but it wasn't a happy smile, just a thank you kind of thing.

"Tony, you promised not to embarrass Jenny tonight."

"I'll be on my best behavior, baby." Tony kissed his husband long and hard.

"Yucky," Matt said at the foot of the stairs.

"Gosh, dads, you can't do that."

"Jenny, if this young man will be any part of your life, he'll have to deal with the fact that your fathers are gay," Gibbs said to his daughter with Seth now standing there.

Gibbs wheeled back to the kitchen; everyone followed him. Seth and Jenny sat opposite of each other. Matty sat next to Seth. Tony and Gibbs were sitting at either end of the table.

"This is a very lovely house, sirs."

"Thank you. After Lee's accident we had the whole place redone."

"Well, it's very nice. Jenny said you have a pool house as well as a basketball court."

"Yup, we had them put in for physical therapy for myself." Gibbs was passing out the spaghetti and meatballs to everyone.

"That is really cool. I'm on the varsity team for basketball at school."


Jenny smiled, knowing that Tony would pick that up and run with it.

"I lettered in college as well as high school."

"So, Seth, Jenny has told us so little about you. Tell us about yourself." Gibbs was trying to make small talk.

"He's not an ork, Jenny."

"Matty, no talking with your mouth full," Tony scolded his son.

"Okay, Dad."

"Well, I'm 16, I'm on the basketball team, I'm also in speech and debate as well as the science club."

"Oh, I'm sure you're the hit with the jocks."

"Well, I don't fit in that well with them, no, but for other reasons."

"What? Smart jock?"

"No, sir. Well, it's just hard to explain."

"Tony, let the boy eat and don't push." Gibbs was smiling at his lover.

They ate their food for a few moments before Tony said, "So, Seth, what do you want to do after you graduate from high school? You're going to be a junior, right?"

"Yes, sir, well I was thinking of going to the local community college and maybe major in criminal justice."

"Really," Gibbs said, "and what do you want to do with that, it is such a large field?"

"Yes, sir, it is. I was thinking of maybe being a cop or, if I can go further, becoming a criminal psychologist."

"So a profiler kind of thing," Tony said.

"Yes, sir. It was on CSI the other week. It seems like a cool job."

"Yes, well, the one on my team seems to enjoy it, and a late friend who was one as well loved her job," Gibbs said.

Seth, not knowing what to say next, looked at his watch. It was now about 7:00 and they had been eating for about 45 minutes and were really done eating and now just talking.

"Oh, dang, the time. If we want to catch the movie, we'd best be going, Jenny."

"Dad, can Seth come over tomorrow since Daddy doesn't have to work?" Jenny asked, glaring at Gibbs for the reason he had off.

"I don't see why not, as long as it's okay with your father."

"Sure, honey, he can come over and swim if you like."

"Cool, thanks!"

Tony and Gibbs walked them to the door, and Tony did something that shocked them all.

"Seth, please use my car."

Shocked, Seth said, "Sir, I can't. It wouldn't be right."

"Seth, really, it's okay. I wouldn't offer if I didn't mean it." Tony was holding out the key to his M-class.

Seth looked at Jenny for what to do. She made a little nod that unless someone was looking they wouldn't see it.

"Matty, say goodnight to your sister, you won't see her till tomorrow."

Matty came running in. "Night-night, Sissy."

Jenny picked up her brother and gave him a hug and a kiss.

"Night, Matty." Jenny kissed her brother again.

"Good night, Matt," Seth said, then looked at Tony and Gibbs. "Okay, I'll have her home by 10:00. She said that was her curfew."

"Well, it isn't a school night and the movie is late, so you can make it 10:30." Tony again shocked everyone.

"Oh, Dad, thank you so much," Jenny said, hugging her fathers and saying her good byes.

Both men put their son to bed, reading him a bedtime story, and told him he could watch the rest of the movie, then off with the lights. Then they went back to clean up the kitchen.

"Okay, what was that all about?"

"What, baby?" Tony was putting the leftovers in the freezer.

"You let the kid use your $55,000 SUV."

"Well, I saw what he drove up in, and it has safety issues."

"Yeah, right. You like the kid."

"What makes you say that?" Tony was now the innocent looking one.

"Well, that and you let her stay out to 10:30 without even asking me."

"I'm sorry, baby." Tony was now thinking that he did do that and took his husband or soon-to-be-legal husband's hand.

"No, it's okay. I wasn't pissed about that at all. He seemed like a nice boy."

"Yes, he did."

"I'm sure Jenny is happy you didn't follow through with your threat to her this morning before work."

"What? I have no clue what you're talking about."

"Oh, the 'I will know where you will be at any moment and can have a 100 federal agents on him in less then 5 minutes' thing."

"That doesn't sound like me at all."

Gibbs wheeled over and the way that he moved pushed Tony onto his lap, with most of his weight on the chair. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

The men sat there kissing, tongues playing for superiority in each other's mouth. Tony was the one to break the kiss; he was starting to get uncomfortable the way he was sitting. He stood up.

"So, no daughter for awhile and our son is sleeping." Gibbs' eyes were saying to Tony what his plans were.

"No, you've been a bad boy and get nothing tonight."

"Well, you could spank me," Gibbs threw out as he wheeled to the elevator.

"Nope, you would like that. Really, Lee, you can't go out in the field."

"Okay, I get it. How about we just cuddle and watch TV?"

"I like that idea and wait up till she gets home." Tony had a wicked smile cross his face.

Tony and Gibbs were in the basement watching TV when they saw lights from the small window leading to the front porch. Tony ran up the stairs and was standing by the front door, listening to the conversation.

"Get away."


"Tony," Gibbs said loud enough so that Jenny might have heard.

"Shh, you, I'm trying to listen."

The door opened from the outside and hit Tony in the ear.



"What? I heard someone come up. I was getting the door."

"Yeah, right," Gibbs said with a snort. "Get your butt into the kitchen now."

"You're not the boss anymore," Tony said, sticking out his tongue.

"Now, DiNozzo."

Tony pouted and Gibbs shut the front door and walked back into the kitchen.



"She could be sucking face."

"And what makes you think that?"

"It was what I would have done."

"You would have taken out a girl and sucked her face?" Gibbs was smiling at his lover as he got a cup of coffee. He had lowered his intake of coffee since the rehab but once he got his body working right and control of his bodily functions, he raised it back up, although nowhere near where it used to be. Gibbs smiled at the glowing girl in the doorframe of the kitchen.

"Dad, how could you?"

"Um, it was a father's prerogative. Did you have fun?"

"Dad, he's so nice. I really like him."

"Well, Sunshine, he seems like a nice boy. I hope he's good to you."

"That's all you're going to say?"

"Yes, well, no." Gibbs crocked his finger to Jenny, who walked over, bent over and Gibbs gave her a kiss. "Night, honey, don't stay up too late."

"Thanks, Daddy." Jenny walked up to Tony, who gave her a goodnight kiss, then she went up to her room.

"I can't believe you are so blasé about this."

"Tony, I'm scared shitless that this young man will hurt our little girl, and yes, no matter how old she is, she will always be our little girl, but she is growing up. Hell, she never even asked us about, well, female plumbing, thank God, but still, I'm sure she and Abby had that talk."

"They did. Abby told me once that they did. I didn't want to hear it."

"Tony, she has to make her own choices and, well, Seth seems to be one of them. We see how far this goes and we just watch him, but I think he is more scared about what we might do, so we keep him scared but at ease at the same time."

"Plan. You know, I think I'm going to work from home tomorrow."


"What, Boss, it has been light, and if anything comes up, I can go in."

"Whatever, Mr. Director, not going to say having you lying out in the water, getting sun and looking at your toned body will be a bad thing."

Gibbs wheeled over to his lover. Tony took the man's hand and led him over to the elevator and up to their room. Gibbs moved to the bed.

Tony stood looking down at him, hands on his hips, hazel eyes narrowed. That look alone was enough to stir interest in Gibbs. And knowing what that look promised, he was hard in no time at all.

"You know you deserve this."

"Yes, Tony, I've been bad. I disobeyed a direct order from you as my boss."

"Yes, you did," Tony said, opening the drawer to his nightstand and pulling out black restraints.

Gibbs blue eyes lit up when he saw the restraints, and he licked his lips when he saw Tony head for the closet and pull out the bolster he used to keep him on his knees since he wasn't able to maintain that position. While he had some feeling in his legs again, he still didn't have use of them.

Returning to the bed, Tony helped Gibbs turn over and placed him over the large square-shaped foam bolster so that his ass was in the air. Fastening the padded restraints around his wrists, he fastened the other end to the headboard, then stepped back and surveyed his handiwork.

"Now that is a pretty sight." Tony walked around the bed, looking at Gibbs from every angle. "What should I do with you, do you think?"

"Anything you want."

Tangling his hand in Gibbs' silver hair, Tony lightly grasped it and pulled his head back so that their eyes met. "Did I give you permission to speak?"

Gibbs swallowed, not from fear but from excitement. He loved it when Tony got that masterful tone in his voice. His cock, where it was caught between his body and the bolster, was literally throbbing. "No, Boss. I'm sorry, Boss, it won't happen again."

"That's better." Tony released his grip on the silver hair, stroking his hand along the strands in a petting motion, letting his hand trail down the sculpted back in a light caress, then suddenly flattening and lying against the firm ass with a resounding SMACK.

Gibbs breath caught and his body jerked, more from the sound than the actual smack since it hadn't been that hard. It was just a little precursor, a taste of what was to come.

Tony's hand continued to run down one of Gibbs' legs, the touch a little more firm. Yes, Gibbs had feeling, but the nerve endings weren't as sensitive as they once had been. His hand then ran back up the other leg, ending in another smack to the ass, this one a little harder, causing an audible intake of Gibbs' breath.

Stepping away from the bed, Tony began to undress. Standing as he was at the foot of the bed, Gibbs couldn't see him, could only hear the thunk of his shoes being kicked off and the rustling of his clothing as it was removed.

Walking into the huge walk-in closet, he began rummaging around in the black leather bag they had stored at the back, under the row of low-hanging clothes for Gibbs. Selecting the items he wanted, he returned to the bedroom, only to find Gibbs looking in his direction.

"Eyes forward," he commanded.

"Yes, Boss."

Moving over to the bed, hard, leaking cock leading the way, Tony looked down at this husband, his life partner, the man he would love till his dying day. Leaning down, his lips pressed against the smooth skin of Gibbs' back where sweat was already beginning to bead. At the same time as he was administering the gentle kiss, his hand drew back and smacked his ass again, hard enough to sting this time, causing the body to jerk against his restraints.

He gave an equally stinging smack to the other cheek as he kissed the other shoulder. He continued, kissing various areas of the smooth back while smacking the firm ass. Once Gibbs' ass cheeks were a nice pink, he picked up the plastic ruler and laid it across that stinging ass, the noise more satisfying with each thwack.

"Who am I?" Tony demanded.

Gibbs swallowed, his cock as hard as it had ever been. "Tony."

"Who am I?" Tone questioned again, making the ruler sting even more.

"Boss," Gibbs gasped. "You're the Boss."

"That's right." Tony flicked his wrist just so, making the ruler POP across the firm flesh. "I'm the Boss. And who do you obey?"

"You, Boss, I obey you."

"That's good." Tony rubbed a hand soothingly over the warm pink cheeks. "And did you obey me today?"

"Boss, I-" Gibbs broke off with a gasp when a particularly stinging smack was administered.

"I didn't ask for excuses and explanations. I asked you a question, and I expect an answer. Did you obey me today?"

"No, Boss, I didn't."

"And what do you deserve for that?"

"I deserve to be punished, Boss."

Tony laid down the ruler and picked up the paddle, administering a series of quick, sharp smacks with it. Gibbs cried out and jerked, not just from the pain but from the need to come. He was so hard he ached, but he knew he wasn't allowed to come till Tony told him he could.

"Will you disobey me again?"

Gibbs shook his head.

"What was that? I didn't hear you. Will you disobey me again?"

"No, Boss, I won't disobey you again," Gibbs finally managed to say.

"Good." Tony finished up with a particularly hard smack to each cheek.

Tears were running down Gibbs' face by now. Tony licked the tears away, then took his husband's mouth in a kiss that began sweetly but soon turned searing. Next Tony moved behind Gibbs and kissed the reddened ass cheeks. While they might sting for a bit, there was no damage, no skin broken, not even a serious welt. Knowing Gibbs had no choice but to sit, he'd been careful in his spanking.

"This is beautiful," Tony said, running his hand lightly over the flaming cheeks. "Who does this belong to?"

"You, Boss, only you."

"That's right, this is mine to do with what I will."

Reaching into the nightstand, Tony selected the mint tingle lube and began preparing Gibbs, stretching him for penetration. Tony hissed when he applied more of the tingling lube to his hard, aching cock before slowly sinking into the waiting hole of his lover.

"Oh, God, yes, Boss!"

Tony slid in till he was balls deep, then gave Gibbs time to adjust before he began moving, stroking slowly in and out. One hand tangling in the silver hair, Tony once more pulled Gibbs head back, leaning forward and pressing his lips to the sweet spot just under his ear, sucking the flesh into his mouth and marking him.

"Don't come," he ordered softly in his ear. "You aren't allowed to come yet."

"Yes, Boss," Gibbs managed to gasp out.

Tony's movements picked up speed, the head of his cock brushing against Gibbs' prostate with each stroke, causing the older man to shudder and gasp. Grabbing hold of Gibbs' hips, Tony thrust one more time, burying himself deeply as he shot his warm load into him.

Gibbs' breathing was erratic, and his cock ached with need. He gasped when Tony pulled out, even though it was done with care. Tony then untied him, placing a gentle kiss on each wrist as they were released. The bolster was removed and tossed on the floor as Gibbs was turned over on his back in the middle of the bed.

"Please, Boss, I need to come. Please let me come."

Tony gave him a sweetly wicked smile before taking hold of the hard cock, bending down and engulfing it in one quick swallow. Gibbs cried out from sheer pleasure and couldn't hold back any longer when his balls were taken in a gentle hand and rolled. With Tony's name on his lips he came, flooding the younger man's mouth with his salty essence.

Tony licked up every drop, then slid up the hard body and kissed his lover, sharing his flavor with him.

"Thank you, Boss."