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    Fandom: Dead Man on Campus
    Paring: Josh/Cooper
    Status: new/complete
    Archive: yes to list archives
    Series/Sequel: Part 2 of the "Senior Year" AU series, follows "Eyes Wide Open". Other parts can be found on my site.
    Disclaimers: don't own 'em, and all I ever hear about at home is all the time I spend not making money off them. I'm not kidding.
    Notes: I never expected when I gave in and wrote my little DMoC AU that it would turn into a HUGE series that's between 25 and 40 pages per part. Now that it's taken over my life I'm not even that happy with it. But I'll try to steer it back in the right direction (read: away from the angst and Serious Subject Matter) in the next part. Somehow I get the feeling I'm fighting a losing battle.
    Summary: Cooper and Nick take a road trip over Christmas break and Josh ends up dealing with the consequences.
    Warnings: a different sort of first time, AU, coming out (sort of). They're both 17 so some people might consider that underage sex but personally I don't. They're over 16 and they're both still minors so...well you can make up your own minds on that subject.
    Submitted through the Makebelieve_YG mailing list.