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Friends - And More - Forever

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Friends – And More – Forever



Hermoso – Beautiful
Mi Amore – My Love



Pushing through the last stand of bushes separating the small clearing from the rest of the park, Marco took a quick look around. Finding no sign of Jake, he settled down by the base of a large oak to wait for his friend.

His patience was rewarded, as not five minutes later he heard the distinct sound of someone crashing through the foliage, followed closely by Jake appearing.


“Hey,” he said breathlessly, the flushed look on his face making Marco smile in remembrance of other, more intimate moments when he’d looked similarly…aroused.


“Hey, Jake,” Marco said, his tone husky.


Passion flared in Jake’s eyes before banking into smoldering embers. “You have any trouble getting away?” he asked, visibly trying to restrain his baser impulses and keep from jumping his boyfriend.


Shaking his head, Marco said, “No, you?”


“Not really. Rachel’s Mom was doing ‘Girl’s Night’ and my parents went to a play,” he said, pausing before finishing his list with, “And Tom is at another meeting of the Sharing.”


The sadness in Jake’s eyes at the last item prompted Marco to reach out. “Hey…c’mere.”


Sighing in relief, Jake dropped down and leaned back in the smaller boy’s arms. “It’s just…I know he would be happy for us. If he were himself, and he knew. But he’s not, and…”


“Yeah,” Marco said quietly. “I know. My Mom would feel the same way. If…”


“If,” Jake sighed heavily.


“You’ll always have me, Jake,” Marco promised solemnly.


Jake’s smile was weak, but no less heart-felt. “Same here, man.”


They lapsed into silence and sat there for a moment, content just to be with each other. The stillness was broken when a gust of wind blew a large leaf off the tree and directly onto Marco’s face. Jake laughed as his lover sputtered and tried to remove the offending foliage plastered to his face, but met with no success, as his vision was blocked by it. Finally, Jake reached out and plucked the leaf off, throwing it to the ground as he met Marco’s scowl with a smile.


“That wasn’t funny, Jake-o,” Marco groused.


“It was from my vantage point,” Jake disagreed.


Marco’s scowl deepened, but there was a twinkle in his eye that Jake didn’t see until it was too late. While Jake was caught up in his mirth, Marco was plotting revenge. Waiting until Jake was looking away, he then pounced his lover, pushing Jake back against the ground.


“Wh-What?” Jake asked, bewildered.


“This is what you get for laughing at me,” Marco said in a silky voice. “Mi amore, you’re now at my mercy,” he finished on a whisper, before sealing his lips to Jake’s in a heated kiss.


Jake struggled for a moment on principle, but soon lost himself to the passion in the other boy’s kiss. He clasped one hand to Marco’s neck, bringing his lover closer, making the kiss deeper. A whimper escaped his throat as Marco’s hips bucked against his burgeoning erection and he pulled back with a gasp.


“So good,” he said thickly, breath short. Tangling his hands in Marco’s silky dark hair, he pulled his lips back and began to ravage them, soon driving Marco so far into his lust, he didn’t even notice when Jake flipped them over so he was now on top.


Grinning down at his lover, Jake stated teasingly, “And now you’re mine, Hermoso.”


Marco’s answering smile was sultry, though he blushed at the nickname. “Always, man. Always.”