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  1. Summary

    As of s3e7 (aired Nov 14, 2019), these fics may be considered Not Canon Compliant, in that Kira does not profess loving Chris ‘more’ than Ty or reveal that she’s going ahead with the wedding because she’s ‘put too many years in the relationship’. Additional non-compliance as of s3e8 (aired Nov 21, 2019), in that Chris does not break up with Kira and Ty over their clear prioritization of each other over third partners.

    I am not running an ‘official’ challenge, but I needed to come up with a list, so I could attempt #Holiday Fic Prompts 2019 for this ship.

  2. Summary

    The journey of Chris' contemplation of joining Kira and Ty in a triad, or perhaps a vee.

    Slight canon deviance in Part 1, in that Kira doesn't reveal engagement to Ty. After s3e7 (Kira loves Chris more than Ty, but she's put too many years into a relationship with him to not continue with the wedding), there's considerable canon divergence. In Part 4, an OC and platonic marriage are an attempt at a Fix-It for the shaky canon foundations for the wedding (in so far that canon hasn't actually provided a reason for it, while this fic assumes it has to do with Ty's citizenship). The main focus is still on Chris, Kira, and Ty. Flat out ignoring s3e8 (Chris leaving Kira and Ty because they have a history of prioritizing each other over third partners).

    While I had planned on a final part (Honey), this series is currently being marked complete as of 11.26.2019.