You know, this is all really simple. I'm an author. I have muses. ... I'm doomed.

My pseuds:
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I can also be found on AO3, Dreamwidth, and tumblr as morgynleri. I technically have twitter and pillowfort accounts under the same username, but rarely, if ever, actually pay attention to them.

To podficcers (and other fanartists of various media): If you want to podfic/make art for/make a fanmix for any one of my stories, let me know, and let me know when you post it, because I'd love to know about it.

No promises on when any story or AU will be updated, or if it will be. I will attempt to complete all stories that I post, however, I cannot set a firm date.

Unless I explicitly state it on a particular story, I do not accept concrit in the comments. This is my statement of a boundary which I do not consent to have crossed.

Absolutely do not allow my work to be copied to another site, ever, any of it. Works here are mirrored from AO3, by my own hand, and like on AO3, are limited to registered users.