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  1. Summary

    In which Tobias Beecher and Miguel Alvarez cross paths during the riot by chance, then continue to do so of their own volition.

    AN: Although, as the author, I would really like them to stop doing that, because I have no idea why I'm writing these two together. I know why now: because it turns out I adore exploring these two bantering and navel-gazing together. Never stop, you two.

    Apparently, these won't be written in chronological order, but I'll have them ordered properly on the series page.

    Note About The Warnings: there are warnings for mentions of non-con, etc, on some of these and thus the series - any non-con warnings are only for canon events, and for references only, not graphic depictions. And there will definitely be no non-con between Alvarez and Beecher, or any that didn't canonically happen.

  2. Summary

    Desperate Miguel Alvarez gives in to Ryan O'Reily's schemes and they team up to stir up trouble in Emcity. (An alternate version of events at the end of Season 3. Originally posted elsewhere back in 2004-2006.)

    "Shifting Alliances" is the main, completed fic. The rest are little missing scenes, one-shot PWPs, and glimpses of the future for the boys that take place in the "Shifting" universe, which you can choose to ignore or not.