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Southeastern United States


A connoisseur of good Fanfiction, with an interest in Recommending it to Others. Slash (Mostly) but also Femslash, and Het Fanfiction. I have also embarked on a campaign of producing Podfic of some of my favorite recs, as well as creating Cover Art for my own and other's Podfics.

I give blanket, non-exclusive (and ecstatic) permission to use any of the works I've posted as inspiration for your own transformative work. I'd only ask for you to credit back to the work and to let me know so I can come squee over your stuff!! Also if I have made a work (moodboard, cover, etc.) that was inspired by YOUR work, you totally have my permission to put the cover or what have you on your own page with credit.

You can find my Blog/Website: Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli
Tumblr mirror site: Lupine's Slash Recs
Main Tumblr blog (post-NSFW purge): Isabelle Tumbles
For fanart try: Always Fanart
And my moodboards: Always Moodboards
My Archive of Our Own Profile: isabellerecs
And if you want to squee over fandom things (also best place to make contact): On Dreamwidth