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    Fandoms: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Red vs. Blue, The Harry Potter Series, Good Omens [TV - 2019]

    This work isn't hosted on the Archive so this blurb might not be complete or accurate.

    05 Aug 2022


    Bio: I've been writing in the Star Wars fandom since 1995, but I've been branching out into other fandoms like HP (lacking the TERF), Tortall, Red Vs Blue/Halo, Good Omens and the Gaiman-verse, and Doctor Who, too, along with other random things when they appeal--or the plunnies will not be silenced. I also have my own original fiction: one novel's published, with more on the way.


    05 Aug 2022

    Bookmarker's Notes

    Homepage for flamethrower on Squideworld. The easy way to see what's up now!

    This is also me not really grokking how the bookmark system works...


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