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    This story is being written as a wandering wren and possibly a fic tree. These are similiar to round robins, but instead of having a rotation structure, these writing devices are more or less, jump when you please. In other words, if a segment post inspires you to write, you write, and if two folks write the same part, a second story develops from the branch. I've got one going for Monk, now I thought I'd add Adventure Inc. and there will be more, the quiet fandoms, probably first, but as things get rolling, who knows. Anyone who wants to start a wren of their own, roll it on out, themore the merrier...and what better way to shake a list out of its stupor than to have stories pouring in, hey?
    that said, I'm posting the wrens I come up with to fandom interested lists first, then to my multiple fandom lists so I can get a wider range of authors. I will disperse the parts throughout the lists as they come in, but that sometimes takes time, so the wrens are being posted to the archive (URL in sig) as parts come in so you can check there for updates if you would like at any time.
    Oh, and finally. You don't have to wait for someone to post before you send a second post. If a second bit hits you after you have posted, feel free to add your additional part. For those of you who want to try your hand at writing but have never felt comfortable in turning out a fullout story, this would be the perfect oppportunity for you to dip your toe. we're just having fun. Remember, no rules or structure. If you want to do a single person response (RPG) bit, its all good. the idea is to make a story. little bits or large scenes, its all good
    AUTHOR NOTE: This story branches from the other at chapter 6, so you can skip ahead, to tHere if you prefer.

    Brief Summary:  One of the agents is....misplaced
    Warnings: abuse under the disguise of BDSM, torture, angst, abduction
    Notes/acknowledgments:  written to bring attention to the new list

  2. Summary

    This will be a Lomy fic, with a bit of a twist. It's gonna be a Lomyed...Logan/Remy/Creed, for those of you who have not read this story before...but for now, the focus is on Creed.

  3. Summary

    Mary Sue Multiverse where several authors kidnap various characters and do weird, strange and sometimes mean things to them. IF you really want to know, read it.