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    Genre: Gen, but implied het/slash.
    Pairing/Characters: various pairings implied / Severus Snape, Anthy Himemiya, Utena Tenjou, Lord Voldemort, various OCs.
    Rating: FRM for nudity, language, and adult situations.
    Summary: Anthy Himemiya is a witch. Severus Snape is a prince. Can they combine their knowledge and power to save Utena Tenjou without falling victim to the Swords of Hate themselves? Notes: Oh, no! It’s another Harry Potter/anime crossover!! The setting is the Wizarding world, but the storyline follows Utena (for info on Utena, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_Girl_Utena ). I have now read all the HP books, and know how it ends. Do I really need to say this is AU for both universes? All the sex in this story will be implied; if you want sex scenes, write ‘em yourself!!Character Note: I’m getting rid of the anime hair; for this story, Utena is a strawberry blonde and Anthy has black hair. To those citing Tonks I say: neither one is a Metamorphmagus.