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    Fandom: The Sentinel
    Pairing: None at this time
    Rating: G to R (just to be on the safe side)
    Status: Work In Progress
    Archive: Yes, this story can be archived at the WWOMB. Anwhere else, you must
    get my permission first.
    Series/Sequel: The Journey Series. The first story
    Other Websites: Just at the WWOMB at this time. Working on my own website where it will go up there.
    Warnings: AU, Original Characters, and X-over with the television shows MacGyver and Stargate: SG-1.
    Disclaimers: The characters of the tv show The Sentinel do not belong to me. They are the property of Pet Fly Productions and UPN. The characters of Stargate: SG-1, the series or the movie do not belong to me. The tv show MacGyver is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures Television and do not belong to me.
    Most of these characters belong to other people, original characters and plots are the products of my warped imagination except where I make a note in the Author Notes section.
    These stories are written strictly for fun, not for profit.
    The relationships and actions of these characters hold no bearing on the actors that portray(ed) them.
    Author Notes: The orginal characters of Jaynna and Ashika Wataru belong to me. Jaynna's spirit animal is my idea. Hopefully, I've done a good job on where a bird of prey might live if found on another world. Trying to think up a spirit guide for Jaynna was one of the hardest parts of this story and I feel like it isn't good enough. ::sigh::
    The story came about after reading 'Weardians and Witans' by Cindy Coombs and asking myself "What if?" So after writing to Cindy, and getting her okay to write this story, I began.
    This story is an AU and is a seperate storyline form what Cindy Coombs has written. The original characters of Witan Botolf and Weardian Marston belong to the author Cindy Coombs and the titles of Weardian and Witan are also her ideas.
    This story has not been beta read, so any mistakes are mine.
    Summary: Jaynna(Original Character) learns that danger and one's destiny/fate can still be found in a foreign land-- even if you happen to be a guest.



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