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    DISTRIBUTION: Scorpio's Constellation, The Den, The Warren and the WWOMB Archive
    FANDOM: The Belgariad series and The Malloreon series.
    PAIRING: Baron Brador/General Atesca
    CONTINUITY: Set during the book "Castle of Wizardry" in the Belgariad Saga. Right after the reading of the official betrothal document between Belgarion and Ce' Nedra by Grodeg, the High Priest of Belar we are first 'introduced' to the concept of the Malloreans as a people when the Alorn Kings meet to discuss the mobilization of the Angarak hordes. King Rhodar of Drasnia reports that the Malloreans are merely waiting for a break in the weather on the Sea of the East in order to occupy the staging area being set up in the coastal city of Thull Zelik.
    AUTHOR'S NOTES: Both of these men are high ranking officials in Mallorea. Baron Brador is the is the Chief of the Bureau of Internal Affairs and Atesca is a General in the Imperial Army of Mallorea. They are also both racially Melcenes and not Angaraks.
    Because David Eddings doesn't cover the politics of same-sex relationships in any of his cultures, I have been forced to come up with my own. Due to my personal interpretation of these cultures, I believe that Melcenes as a people would not have any problem with gay lovers; politically or socially. Angaraks, on the other hand, would have problems with it since all of their religious texts make it clear that the *only* being that any Angarak should feel love for is Torak himself. I chose to see the institution of marriage in Angarak society as a "duty" to produce children for the worship of Torak...and that love has nothing to do with it. While the *people* may not agree with this, I can easily see it being so ingrained in their culture that it has become an unwritten rule (or possibly even Grolim Church dogma).
    Once that idea took hold, I found the concept of this conflict of cultural beliefs in regard to same-sex relationships to be interesting enough to want to develop a few stories around.
    STORY NOTES: Technically, neither of these characters are introduced in this saga. The only Mallorean that the reader gets to "meet" is his Imperial Majesty Kal Zakath. Brador and Atesca aren't introduced until the book "Demon Lord of Karanda" in the Malloreon Saga.
    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: David Eddings is the creator of this world and all of the countries, cultures and peoples herein, unless specifically stated otherwise. I do this as a work of love for David Eddings' creations and I am making no money from this, nor do I intend to infringe on his copyrights. Both five book series; The Belgariad and The Malloreon are trademarked by Del Rey and published by Ballantine Books.
    WARNINGS: None. Well, it gets a bit sappy in parts. *shrugs* Sorry.
    SUMMARY: After a banquet held in the Imperial Palace as one last "hurrah" for the Military Leaders that would soon be journeying to Thull Zelik to prepare the way for his Imperial Majesty, Baron Brador and General Atesca slip away for a little private time together.



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