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SquidgeWorld Archive is a place for fanworks, including fan fiction based on books, TV, movies, comics, other media, and real-person fiction (RPF).

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  1. Our goal is simple: You own your data, SquidgeWorld Archive, along with, just host it.
  2. We do not sell the data that you post on, submit to or share on SquidgeWorld Archive, and is governed by Terms and Policy.
  3. In the immortal words of Wil Wheaton: Don't Be A Dick. This means, but is not exlusive of spamming the archive or its users, or being abusive to the archive or its users.
  4.'s Terms of Service can be found here.
  5.'s legal information can be found here.
  6. NEW - Added July 7th, 2021: Users will not add any link, in their profiles or in their profiles or in any posted work or comment that points to a fundraiser of any kind including, but not limited to, Patreon, Ko-Fi, or the like. The only exception to this is in the case of a piece of work that is of original work, meaning the fandom used is Original Work, and no other fandom is listed. The work must have only original characters, and must not utilize any aspect of a fandom such as characters or relationships that stray from the "Original" characters and relationships listed in the child tags to the Original Work tag. You may, however, link to an off-site (non property) profile such as your Tumblr profile or such, and that site may link to whatever you'd like. Fanfiction and other fan works are guaranteed under the "Fair Use" clause under US law (the United States being where SquidgeWorld servers are located, and thus is where the jurisdiction falls under), and are protected as long as the person posting it makes no money off of the work. People linking to Patreon or such and making money off of fanworks submit the SquidgeWorld Archive into legal jeopardy.

Approved: November 5th, 2020

Updated: July 7th, 2021