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So What Is SquidgeWorld?

For those of you that only come from eFiction backgrounds (the software that ran Peja's Wonderful World of Makebelieve, among other notable archives), the software that runs SquidgeWorld Archive is something completely new. This software is much more complex - but at the same time, allows you to do so many things.

If you're not quite sure where to start, I made a video of the basic use of SquidgeWorld Archive. Please watch!

How can I add a new work to the archive?

If you've never worked with this software, it's very different than the eFiction software that runs most story archive websites. As such, here is a video for adding a new work to the archive. Notice that I say work, not just story, because the archive can host fics, podfics, and art!

How can I import works from another site?

Importing a work can take a lot, even though it's theoretically faster. In this video, I show you the steps for importing a fic from AO3 to SqWA.

When adding relationships, what's the difference between a romantic relationship and a friendly relationship?

This one can trip people up from time to time, so I decided to add in a special entry here in the FAQ. When you're adding a relationship, you have to consider if you're adding a romantic relationship (or even aromantic or married partners or the like), or if you're adding friendship type relationships. For example:

In the TV show The Sentinel, Jim and Blair were friends. UPN network/Pet Fly never meant to portray them as anything but friends. So if you're writing a story in The Sentinel fandom and Jim and Blair are just friends (like canon), then you would choose - or add if it didn't exist - the tag "Jim Ellison & Blair Sandburg". The "&" in the relationship tag indicates that this is a friendship-based relationship.

On the other hand, in fanon, Jim and Blair are often written as romantic partners. In this case, you would use - or add if it didn't exist - the tag "Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg". The "/" in the relationship indicates a romantic-based relationship. If you're interested, there are many articles out there on the history of slash, and how it came to be. You can start with this one on Wikipedia, but there are many, many others out there to choose from.

All About Collections (not gift exchanges nor prompt memes)

Interested in finding out about Collections? Collections are just a group of fanworks. They can be your ten favorite fanworks that you wanted to add to a collection, or some other group of works. Here's a video about Collections.

How can I use Collections/Gift Exchanges?

Gift exchanges work just like they do on AO3. But if you're unfamiliar, you can watch the video below for an explanation.

How can I use Collections/Prompt Meme?

Prompt memes work like they do on AO3. But if you're unfamiliar, like I am, then watch the video below for an explanation.