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My story is missing characters/fandoms/a chapter/parts of a chapter. What do I do?

If you access your stories and it's missing characters, fandoms, a chapter, or parts of a chapter, you can add them. Edit your story, either just the tags or the entire story, and add in the items that you need. If there is a fandom that does not come up, you can add it. Same with characters, relationships, etc.

If you are missing a chapter -or- if your chapter was somehow truncated when it was imported, you can edit the story and add in that chapter. If you don't have the original work anymore, then access Peja's WWOMB and pull the story up there and copy the data in as you need.

I recognize my story, but it's listed with an orphan_account. What can I do?

Please contact us (either via the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page, email at walterh (at) squidge (dot) org, or on Twitter at @SquidgeORG and send us links to your story in question on here, plus your story on Peja's WWOMB, and I will update the stories so that they are owned by your account.

If this has happened, your account is probably not accessible either. Check out the Migrated Accounts section for information on that.

My story has odd formatting/special characters that printed as gibberish. What do I do?

If your story came across with characters that are now 'gibberish', such as ç that displays as ç, or smart quotes that look more like “ than actual quotes, you can fix them manually. Simply go into the story with the 'Edit' button and change out the odd-looking characters to the character you want.