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How do I access my account?

While accounts were migrated, passwords were not. As such, you will need to request a new password. To do this:

1) Click "Log In" on the upper right-hand side of each page.
2) In the new window below the username and password is a button that says "Forgot password?" Click this link and a new window will appear.
3) If you know either the email address or penname you had in The WWOMB, input that into the box and click "Reset Password"
4) You will get a link in your email. Click the link and then input a new password. You will be returned to a login window.
5) Enter your penname or email address and new password.
6) Enjoy the archive!

I never got my password emailed to me. Why? What do I do?

There are two reasons for this.
1) Your email address in Peja's WWOMB was bouncing
2) The email went to the spam folder

For the first issue, contact me via the Contact Us button at the bottom of the screen and provide me your penname from Peja's WWOMB and I will see if the email address is set to a generic "bad user" email address.

For the second issue, check your spam folder.

I had two WWOMB accounts using the same email address. Now I only have one account.

If you had two WWOMB accounts that shared the same email address, you now only have one account.

If you had two email pennames but one address, you should know that matching of stories was done on the email address imported into SquidgeWorld. So two accounts with one email like:
penname: myname1
penname: anothername2

If I wrote a story under anothername2, the system matched on myname1. Thus any story written under anothername2 will be attributed to myname1.

You can only have one email address in SquidgeWorld Archive. However, you can have multiple pennames (known as 'pseuds' in SquidgeWorld Archive). Simply go to your account and add a second penname. Then, any story you want to migrate between pennames can be edited and a co-creator added. Once that's done, you can remove yourself from the fic.

Where is my custom icon from The WWOMB/Why can't I upload an icon?

We weren't able to migrate user icons from The WWOMB, though yours will still be there on the read-only archive if you want to retrieve it. Once retrieved, you can add it to your account here on SquidgeWorld Archive.

My penname on The WWOMB had a space. Is that okay on SquidgeWorld?

In a word, no.

While the eFiction software that we used in the past allowed for spaces in pennames, the new software does not. So while it was allowed and migrated with a space, you will not be able to log in. I'm going through and updating usernames that contained spaces to ones with an underscore - so "My Penname" will be changed to "My_Penname". And while I understand this isn't ideal, it's a limitation of the OTW software.