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Why do we need SquidgeWorld? Shouldn't we just use AO3?

Why? Well, why not?

Sure, AO3 is the ultimate end-all beat-all solution for fandom out there. However, that doesn't mean that they're the only ones. Just because Chevrolet is the largest car manufacturer in the United States doesn't mean that everyone drives a Chevy, does it? No.

I still use AO3 to this day. But there does need to be options in this world, so why not use the open-source software that the OTW has made available to create SquidgeWorld Archive? But beyond that, the eFiction software that Peja's WWOMB utilized was old, insecure, and didn't meet the needs anymore. So now we have SquidgeWorld Archive.

And if another story archive wants to join in, then that's awesome. We can do that, too!