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2023-08-06 11:15:10 -0400

You may notice that some categories have either come into existence, or been modified in some way. We've made a few changes here and there, which overall shouldn't affect anyone's use of the site. It just makes it easier for tagging and maintenance.

For the "Books & Literature & Legend" category that we just extended recently to include legends, it's been renamed back to "Books & Literature." There is a brand new fandom media type called "Legend & Mythology" and all fandoms such as Arthurian Legend or Greek Mythology has been migrated to that category. There may be one or two fandoms we missed, and if so, please let us know.

There is also a new "Podcasts (Audio and Video)" that's in the list of fandom media types. As more and more people get into podcasts and write fandom works or meta about them, they've grown enough that they deserve their own category. Once in there, you'll see more and more podcasts represented - and maybe you'll come across a new fandom for you!

There is a fine line between video podcasts and streaming video - but we've made the distinction here on SquidgeWorld. Streaming video is something you typically sit at a computer or television and watch, whereas a video podcast is something that you take on the go. Podcasts are typically released differently than streaming video, so that should help distinguish them as well. Plus, of course, podcasts will call themselves as such, whereas streamers won't.

Questions? Ping us!