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We were recently introduced to relationships that weren't quite romantic (e.g. with a "/") and not quite platonic (e.g. with an "&") called QueerPlatonic. As it was so well explained to me:

The tilde is for queerplatonic relationships. It's a fairly new convention, but it helps make it a little clearer than tagging a QPR with '&' or '/' since a QPR is neither a romantic nor strictly platonic relationship.

So going forward, when you are creating a relationship, please feel free to make it a romantic pairing with the /, a platonic relationship with the &, or a queerplatonic relationship with the ~

And as always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

h/t to Kitkatt0430

edit: All QPR relationships are under the umbrella QueerPlatonic Type Relationship tag.