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2021-12-08 13:21:17 -0500

aka "Walter screwed something up a year ago and just realized it this week."

So back in The WWOMB days, we had series. Series were a group of stories that told a story - you know, where you group all the stories about a particular storyline into one cohesive thread of fics? Well they exists over on The WWOMB (at this link) but I never imported the series over here on SquidgeWorld.

So that's been fixed.

On each author's profile that has a series they've created on The WWOMB, there's a "Series" link on the left hand side of their authorpage that now has a number next to it. If you click on the "Series" link in their profile page, it'll take you to the series that the author created either since they've been on SquidgeWorld Archive, or as imported today from The WWOMB.

Questions? Let me know!