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2021-01-14 15:47:51 -0500

We are back from an extended downtime!

Long story short: A power outage took us down

Long story: See, the more we hurt our environment, the more our environment is going to fight back against us. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we had a massive storm early Wednesday. Like torrential rains and 50MPH gusts. I wouldn't know, because I slept through it all (the power of melatonin, y'all!). Anyway, we lost power about 3am on Wednesday, and it's been out until about half an hour ago. It probably would have been longer, except the power line that was down was hanging over the middle of the street - COMPLETELY dangerous.

Here's the thing. Some people may yell at me when we go down, and I get it. But I can't afford to do all that I do in a datacenter. I have an amazing ISP, and for $100/month, we have a 1Gb/1Gb static fiber connection. So I put together a few machines, and host them in my garage. For the bandwidth that we use (between 750Gb and 1Tb per month) and the number of services we offer, it would cost me thousands of dollars per month. Why do you think The OTW does fundraising and comes away with hundreds of thousands of dollars per year? Sure, they're huge, and I'm just me. But if I tried to do this in a datacenter, I'd go broke. And Squidge.org has been around for 27 years come this Fall; I don't want to see it go away.

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