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2020-12-07 11:10:51 -0500

So one thing about coming from our old software (eFiction on The WWOMB) to the new software (OTW Code here on SquidgeWorld), is that there are duplicate tags everywhere. Take a look at what we have for the more minor character in the Harry Potter universe, Arthur Weasley:

As you can see, there are four entries for the same character. There are entries for a generic Arthur Weasley, one for the Harry Potter Movies, and one for the Harry Potter book series, and one that's a generic "Harry Potter 'verse". What I will be doing over the next few months - yes, it's going to take months - is to migrate these characters, making the individual "Movies" and "book series" type entries, making them "child" entries of a main "'verse" type entry. That's why you see one of these listed in bold (the new "parent" entry that encompasses all entries) and three nonbolded child entries. This not only pertains to characters like Arthur Weasley who appears in both the movies and books, but also to characters like Angel, the titular character from the Angel series, as well as Buffy the Vampire series, and countless crossovers, such as The Sentinel and Criminal Minds.

What does this mean for you reading stories? Basically, this means that when you search for the character "Arthur Weasley [Harry Potter - Books]", it will find all entries for his character for the books and movie verse, both. If you want to read only fics pertaining to the movie 'verse, then you can search only for the Harry Potter movieverse fandom.

What does this mean for you as an author? You can use the tags that you wish. But if you can choose the more generic characters in your tags, like "Arthur Weasley [Harry Potter 'verse]", that makes it easier on the Archive.