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2023-02-11 10:46:22 -0500

Per the details of the SquidgeWorld Monthly Contest post, here are the winners for January, 2023

Random story chosen by the computer:
On January 6th user read by (kingtysonsworld) posted a work called [Podfic] triple threat

Random review chosen by the computer:
On January 2nd user Aryagreen left a comment on flamethrower's work Of a Linear Circle - Part IX - Serpent in the Grass.

Users kingtysonsworld, Aryagreen, and flamethrower will be contacted asap for their wins! And I do want to note that, while it seems flamethrower has won quite a bit, I will say that their fics probably outnumber comments on other fics by a 3 to 1 advantage based on volume of comments.