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2021-06-02 15:19:37 -0400

Per the details of the SquidgeWorld Monthly Contest, here are the winners for April 2021:

Random story detail:
On May 5th, SqWA user diaryofageekgirl posted a fic called That Now And Always You'll Stay In My Heart

Random commenter detail:
On May 21st, user Netchka3posted a comment to wereleopard's story Fallen Under His Protection

Congratulations to diaryofageekgirl, Netchka3, and wereleopard! I will be in touch soon with your gift!

NOTE: Apparently my query was wrong and the random story was backdated. I let it stand for this month, but I will fix the query before next. I'll also draw a second winner asap.

Second Note: Congrats to SquidgeWorld user Beverly as the official winner of the random story since there was a technical error with the first winner's entry. The story that Beverly won for is No Ordinary Love in the Harry Potter fandom.