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2021-01-11 10:15:45 -0500

So you might notice that my previous post about database corruption, posted yesterday, is gone. Why?

Because the f*cking database corrupted again soon after I checked and double-checked yesterday that things were fine.

This morning I took the site down and did some major rework, and things appear to be working normally. Database backups are working just fine again, and there doesn't appear to be any corruption. I ran through some additional things that will hopefully prevent corruption from rearing it's ugly head yet again. And I hope I didn't just jinks it.

Sometime today I'll get the fics that were lost (4, all mine) reloaded. And there was one person whose account was lost as they signed up a couple of hours ago. But other than that, there should be no data loss.

Questions? If so, come find me sobbing in the corner.