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  • Emails Being Blocked

    Published: Wed 25 Nov 2020 06:51PM EST Comments: 0

    Currently, Internet Service Providers (ISP) GMX.com and BlueYonder.co.uk are blocking emails sent from SqWA. This impacts people who want to reset passwords for their accounts, as well as receive daily kudos and comments. I'm working with my ISP to see if I can get around it. But until then, you will have to use a non-gmx.com or blueyonder.co.uk email address to access the archive. And if you need suggestions, here's a list of the best free email accounts and services for 2020.


  • Suggestions For New Works

    Published: Sat 21 Nov 2020 11:53AM EST Comments: 0

    A couple suggestions for new works as people post them:


  • Importing From AO3 to SqWA

    Published: Sat 14 Nov 2020 10:13AM EST Comments: 0

    So a few folks, myself included, have wondered how to import works from the AO3 to SquidgeWorld Archive (or vice versa) without getting the terms of service header. I, myself, was stumped, but the good folks over at AO3 happily gave us a suggestion. So if you're going to import one of your stories that's at URL: